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Super Smash Flash Super Smash Flash

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice effort, but has some problems

When I saw the score and the menus I thought this was going to be totally kickass. However, the bugs during the actual fighting detracted from what could have been amazing.

-Nice menus
-Sooo much content
-Interesting character choices

-Wonky controls
-Damage doesn't always work right (racks up too fast, too easily killed sometimes, etc.)
-Hit test seems to be off
-Camera/running can be a little weird (feels like you're moving on ice)

If all the bugs were ironed out you'd have something here. Right now it still feels like it could use some work.

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Marvin Spectrum Marvin Spectrum

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice concept

I enjoyed the twist on the old reaction game idea. Adding the colors was a decent way to make things more challenging. The style used to make it appear to be in constant motion was really cool. And the music didn't get annoying after 3 rounds of playing through (still, an added option to choose different music tracks might be nice).

Two complaints I have about this though. First there's not much to it. Sure you can unlock all the hats and play through high score mode (only got to 32), but maybe if you added some other features it would give this more shelf life. This is more of a personal thing though. Second when I hit a barrier, it was coming up as I missed 3. I'm not sure if this is intentional or if this is a bug, but what I think is happening is it's saying you missed every barrier on the screen instead of just the one you hit.

Bouncy Ball Bouncy Ball

Rated 2 / 5 stars


There wasn't much to it, but I kept playing trying to top my high score. So far my highest is 1455. Beat that, bitches :P (there's a trick)

Brodeo Skate WIP Update 2 Brodeo Skate WIP Update 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

My 56k connection loves you

Small file = quick load. Unfortunately that also means not too much stuff. I know this is a work in progress, but a few more tricks and a little more room to skate wouldn've been nice.