Entry #3

Machine Man 2

2009-07-09 19:08:12 by Phendrana

Hi, Newgrounds. You might remember a game I made a while back called Machine Man Fights Everything. Well, it's summer and I'm in desperate need of money, so Machine Man 2 has officially gone into production. Expect some big redesigns, multiple weapons, more stages, more bosses and a brand new platformer engine. It's going to be my (hopefully) best game yet!

Check out the original if you haven't heard of it, and the rest of my games too. :D


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2009-07-09 19:28:07

That statement turned me on. keep up the good stuff!


2010-01-17 22:14:39

Yo man i gotta give ya the props for ur projects but especially for mario remix:boss edition now that was some dope stuff if I like to add and an idea for you.Make another Mario Boss:boss edition make it little harder with some tough Bosses oldschool videogame bosses are the best.But if you do it at least create a difficulty level bc yea some ppl whine about how hard it is but to me i beat the game and dont get me wrong it was one tough challenge.So giving ya an idea naw mean alright dueces


2010-11-13 20:37:50

Your works were some of my first, and best experiences with Newgrounds.
I commend you for your hard work, and thank you for all of the great memories.


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