Machine Man 2

2009-07-09 19:08:12 by Phendrana

Hi, Newgrounds. You might remember a game I made a while back called Machine Man Fights Everything. Well, it's summer and I'm in desperate need of money, so Machine Man 2 has officially gone into production. Expect some big redesigns, multiple weapons, more stages, more bosses and a brand new platformer engine. It's going to be my (hopefully) best game yet!

Check out the original if you haven't heard of it, and the rest of my games too. :D

Two new games

2008-06-06 19:39:50 by Phendrana

Hello, everyone. To anyone that cares, I'd like to announce two new games that should be arriving very soon.

The first one is a stylistic black and white game called Through the Machine. The objective is to get through a machine (thus the name) while collecting points and avoiding obstacles. It was originally going to be a submission to the music competition, but it wasn't finished in time and remained unfinished until recently. It's complete and should be uploaded by next Tuesday.

The second is a sequel to my Aeternus Lamnia game entitled Aeternus Lamnia Duo. I have no idea if that's correct Latin, but who cares. The game's a lot bigger and more polished than the last. It'll have around 11 bosses, new items, a minigames section and anything else I think to throw into it. It's around 80% complete, so look for it within the next 3-4 weeks. I've been working on it on and off for 2 years now, so I'm very excited to finally be getting it done.

After that, I'll either be completing some unfinished smaller projects or getting underway on Machine Man 2.

Mario Remix: Boss Edition

2007-12-13 23:30:50 by Phendrana

Newgrounds, I'll admit it. I tried to make an alpha, but I fucked it up because I'm drunk. Sooooo the next best (easiest) thing to do is make a post thing! My first post thing none the less. And all I have to say is I'll be releasing Mario Remix: Boss Edition sometime within the next 2 weeks. There's an updated engine and a bunch of other neat stuff you all can look forward to. And bosses. Because we all know they're the best part of any video game. So until then, fI'll see you later.